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Association for a Better Long Island
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 Hauppauge, New York 11788
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Strategic Land Issues

The Association for a Better Long Island (ABLI) seeks to address the following strategic challenges facing the bi-county region:

  • The confiscatory property tax structure is creating a serious and sustained distortion in the Long Island economic fabric. In Nassau County, the deeply flawed assessment structure will put the stability of county finances at risk. Systematic reform is necessary to protect the taxpayer and landowner.

  • Affordable energy is the throttle by which the economy is governed. The ABLI supports alternative energy sources that generate competitive forces in the marketplace and allow Long Island to take advantage of cost savings. In an era when emerging economies in Asia and elsewhere are racing to buy energy futures, our access to affordable energy is a priority.

  • ABLI will confront the out-of-control “tax and condemn” government policies that see private real estate acquired through public condemnation, hobbling the long term viability of the economy while placing enormous burdens on the property taxpayer throughout Long Island.

  • Housing that allows a new generation of Long Islanders to become part of the regional work force is a priority, and one that requires unprecedented municipal leadership, the support of business leaders and innovative land use proposals. The ABLI stands committed to working with those who seek to ensure that Long Island businesses will be able to welcome the next generation of employees at their jobs.

  • NIMBY remains among the biggest threats facing Long Island’s future. It seeks to block progressive smart growth, cripples our ability to be competitive in a global market, harms transportation initiatives and destroys the potential for new jobs and investment. The ABLI will stand fast against the regressive, insular nature of NIMBY and confront the parochial policies of those who would harm our region’s future.